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Destination overview

Destination overview

A glittering cultural jewel in the Arabian Gulf, Oman is a land of surprises. Here, lost cities burst from oceans of sand; harsh mountains hide flower-fringed springs and June monsoons wash away Salalah's barren desert, revealing a momentary paradise of soft grass and coconut palm.

Oman’s gorgeous cities look to the future while embracing the past. An intoxicating voyage back in time, Muscat’s ancient skyline remains unspoiled by the glitzy, glassy skyscrapers of its neighbours. Instead, monuments to Oman’s rich history occur everywhere, from the ancient coastal forts to the awe-inspiring splendor of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. The region’s luxury hotels and resorts, too, offer a sensational blend of modern luxury and traditional Omani hospitality. Unwind in cutting edge spas with perfumed hammam rituals; sample exquisite contemporary international cuisine alongside time-honoured Omani favourites; or drink in views of the dramatic Al-Hajar mountains from the comfort of your bed. 

Long a favorite stopover destination for those travelling to the Indian Ocean, Oman is undoubtedly a breathtaking destination in it’s own right.

What makes a luxury holiday to Oman so Special?


Breathtaking Natural Beauty and Wildlife

The world is slowly awakening to Oman’s beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife. Oman has in abundance the breathtaking vistas that define the Arabian gulf: every bit as spectacular as the mind could imagine. Romantic, rust-coloured dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, and the harsh, while the rugged beauty of the Al-Hajar mountains is unforgettable. Impossible vistas await, such as the vast Jebel Shams, or the ‘Grand Canyon of the Middle East,’ the date and coconut palm plantations which engulf Dhofar’s mountains and the striking, jagged coastlines before the glittering Gulf of Oman.

Perhaps less well known, but equally delightful are the Wadis which run like emerald veins down winding mountain fjords. These wildflower-fringed freshwater springs, the lifeforce of the remote mountain villages, are well worth the hike (or scenic drive in a 4X4, a perfectly respectable alternative). Lucky travellers may also catch sight of one of the rare Arabian leopards roaming the Dhofar mountains: a magnificent yet heartbreakingly rare species Oman is fighting to protect. 

Beneath the turquoise waves of the Gulf of Oman lies another unexpected paradise. Divers and Snorkelers will adore the rare raspberry and purple whip soft coral reefs at Six Senses Zighy Bay. Al Baleed Resort Salalah is also fantastic for wildlife lovers, who can make the most of the green turtles, dolphins, and occasional humpback whales that flock to the vibrant nearby waters.    

Incredible Culture

Perched at the crossroads of the intricate web of ancient trade routes, from Zanzibar and Persia to Portugal and Britain: Oman’s history is a fascinating one. It’s rich culture and tradition is felt everywhere, from the stunning forts which speckle the coastline to the living, breathing Souq markets of Muscat and Salalah. UNESCO heritage sites are abundant. Explore the ‘The Atlantis of the Sands’ in the Empty Quarter, walk Oman’s ancient trade roads in the ‘Land of Frankincense’, or wonder at the breathtaking Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. 

Other, less obvious ways to immerse oneself in Omani heritage are equally captivating. Explore the streets of Muscat, it’s ancient skyline and historic markets carefully preserved and brimming with life. Romantic evenings camping under the starry desert sky in a traditional Bedouin tent will linger in the hearts and minds of loved ones, while a family dhow cruise past pods of friendly dolphins will delight all ages.   


Oman’s climate generally remains sunny and warm all year round, with relatively little rainfall. Winters, between December and February, are a gorgeous time to visit. Lovely warm temperatures hover at around 20/21°C on the North Coast, where Muscat and the beautiful Musandam Peninsula lie. Visitors during Oman’s hot summer are encouraged to make the most of the abundant indoor activities, spas and restaurants available, as temperatures can reach 37/38°C or higher.  

Between the months of June and September, an extraordinary natural phenomenon occurs in Dhofar. The striking, barren desert and mountain landscape is transformed into a breathtaking paradise of soft grass and lush foliage, as the cool, fresh ‘Autumn’ monsoon sweeps across the region. In the mountains, waterfalls spring from nowhere, freshwater ‘Wadi’ streams spring to life, and the cooler weather provides a welcome respite from the summer warmth enveloping the rest of the region. While Khareef monsoon months are an extraordinary time to visit Salalah and the Dhofar region, the weather can make the sea rough and unsuitable for swimming. Divers and watersport lovers are best visiting this region in winter, as the spectacular sea life flocks to the surrounding waters. 

Extraordinary Luxury and Spas

Oman’s gorgeous luxury hotels and resort’s are an exquisite example of Arabian opulence, tradition and hospitality. Here, perfectly manicured palm gardens, sweeping infinity pools looking over the gulf and enormous palaces with atriums the size of mountains await. Arresting villas crafted in traditional Arabian style offer personal sand gardens and cool private pools, while sumptuous rooms and suites blend traditional Omani opulence with delightful modern luxuries. 

Beautifully appointed spas offer sensational treatments and rituals in breathtaking surroundings. The gorgeous, clean minimalist design of the gorgeous Six Senses Spa at Al Bustan Palace contrasts strikingly with the jagged beauty of the Al-Hajar Mountains. Inside, luxuriant treatments incorporate Omani tradition and locally sourced materials to create sumptuous treatments and experiences. The Spa at The Chedi Muscat, too, is exquisite - offering spectacular wellness treatments and Asian oriental rituals inspired by Ayurvedic healing principles and eastern philosophy.   

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